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Galaniprojects has been involved in the Thunder project right from the start. We supported the Core Team as well as some of launch projects Burda conducted on Thunder.

Our USPs

We are specialized in Product Management, Product Ownership and Project Management. Count on us, if you are in the process of defining the functionalities of your product or project. We will

help you define your project/product in a way, which speeds up your development while delivering a maximum of functionality
Set up and manage your development team
Manage third party vendors during the development process
Ensure the quality of the software delivered

Many media companies have already noticed, that the process of defining the product/project and the process of controlling the development process is at least equally important than the development itself. The success of the product/project highly depends on these processes. Media companies tend to have very divers stakeholders, which complicates the definition process. It is often a good idea to hand the responsibility for managing this process over to a company which has rich experiences in digital media. Galaniprojects USP is, that we speak the language of the management as well as the developers‘ language.

Our references with Thunder

Thunder Core Team (www.thunder.org)
Mein schöner Garten (www.mein-schoener-garten.de)
MyLife (http://www.mylife.de)
Lifeticker (https://www.drupal.org/project/liveblog)
Haus.de (https://www.haus.de)

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